BoosterShot Checkbooks are Here!

We are kicking off our Fall Fundraiser, BoosterShot Gift-Checkbooks! These checkbooks offer hundreds of dollars in savings to local Northbrook area businesses. Unlike coupons, these gift-checks are good towards any purchase and are used like cash. They’re an amazing value at only $30, and $15.00 of each purchase goes directly into the fundraising account of the student seller.

As always, fundraising is an optional part of the choral program. However, this would be a great way to raise some funds towards the upcoming LA tour, the choir banquet, and other choir-related expenses. These books are recognized in the community and are easy to sell, so we encourage students to participate.

Please click the link below for more information and for extra copies of the sales sheet. Please email Mrs. Nichols or Mr. Davidson with any questions. Happy selling!

BoosterShot Checkbook