Boy’s Uniform Distribution on Monday, September 24th!

By now, every choir student should have brought home the following items:

Chorale: Tuxedo pants, tuxedo coat, black dress, pearls
Var/Spar: Pants, green vest, green bow tie, green dress, pearls
Cecillian: Red dress, pearls
Treble Choir: Blue dress, pearls

Girls will also need¬†black character shoes (please see the “forms” tab above for more information).

However, BOYS will also need to purchase a tuxedo shirt, and CHORALE members will also need a cummerbund and bow tie. THESE WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24TH FROM 6:00-8:00PM IN THE CHOIR HALLWAY.¬†Checks should be made out to “Wolfsfelts.” Please let Mrs. Nichols or Mr. Davidson know if you have questions. Thanks!