Choir Uniform Distribution

By now, every choir student should have brought home the following items:

Chorale: Tuxedo pants and tuxedo coat OR black dress and pearls
Var/Spar: Tuxedo pants, green vest, and green bow tie OR green dress and pearls
Cecilian: Red dress and pearls
Treble Choir: Blue dress and pearls

Girls will also need specific black character shoes (please see the “forms” tab above for more information). Boys will need black dress shoes, black socks, and a black belt (any brand).

However, BOYS will also need to purchase a tuxedo shirt, and CHORALE members will also need a cummerbund and bow tie. THESE WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 23RD FROM 6:00-9:00PM IN THE ORCHESTRA ROOM. Checks should be made out to “Wolfsfelts.” Please let Mrs. Nichols or Mr. Davidson know if you have questions. Thanks!

BoosterShot Checkbooks are Here!

The GBN CTPO (Choir and Theatre Patrons Organization) has begun their first fundraiser of the year – BoosterShot Checkbooks! All students should have received a copy of the order form during class. Additional copies can be found in the Choir Room, or please click below for a PDF version to print at home.

BoosterShot Order Form

For each checkbook sold, students will receive 15 points into their fundraising account. This is one of the biggest fundraisers of the year, so don’t miss out! Happy selling!

Ladies First Auditions!

Coming up NEXT WEEK are the auditions for GBN’s show choir, Ladies First! Please read through the Ladies First packet for all of the audition dates, times, and general information. Additionally, the music packet and rehearsal tracks are attached. Check back soon for a video of the dance.

Questions? Conflicts? Email Mrs. Nichols at

Ladies First Information

Music Packet

Soprano 1 Track:

Soprano 2 Track:

Alto Track: