Ladies First Callbacks

I’m so proud of all the young women who auditioned today for Ladies First. You were brave, courageous, talented and hard working! Simply engaging in the audition process will improve your ability as a singer, public speaker, and presenter. The best way to get better at auditions is to prepare for and engage in auditions at every opportunity.

Thank you for your effort and enthusiasm!

The following students are called back for singing and dancing auditions on Tuesday, August 30 at 3:00 PM. Students will dance first and finish the audition process singing in trios. Auditions are scheduled to be complete by approximately 5:30 PM.


      Alison W
      Alyssa M
      Brooke N
      Cathy Z
      Celia G
      Jessica K
      Maddie H
      Maddy C
      Maya R
      Abby K
      Alli T
      Amy G
      Carly M
      Emily M
      Erica U
      Erin M
      Francine D
      Gemma G
      Kathleen D
      Maddie F
      Michelle M
      Olivia C
      Zoe S

Any student that would like to discuss why she was or was not selected for a callback should feel free to stop by Mr. Skalinder’s office for a positive and constructive conversation about how to advance further in future audition environments.