Choir and Theatre Patrons Organization (CTPO)

The Choir and Theatre Patrons Organization (CTPO) exists to promote and support the education of students at Glenbrook North High School in the fields of choral music and theatre. In addition to providing scholarships to graduating seniors, scholarships to current students for summer programs, we assist the choir directors with behind-the-scenes work for wardrobe, refreshments, chaperoning concerts, organizing a biennial choir tour and the spring choir banquets. We also provide every singer with fund-raising opportunities during the school year to raise money for his/her own Earning Fund Account (EFA). The funds earned by each student stay in their own account all four years to help defray the cost of choir tours and banquet expenses. 

The CTPO meets on the first Tuesday of every month from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the Student Activities “Green and Gold” Conference Room next to the bookstore.  Meetings are open to all.  Whether you decide to be active and serve on a committee or just assist the group financially, the choir program at GBN welcomes your support. Please join us anytime. 

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